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The Turkish American Platform TAP was established to develop commercial relations between the two countries, to ensure that the business in both countries achieves their transactional objectives most efficiently.

The principal advisors behind this initiative have an in-depth understanding of both countries' business life and social cultures.

The platform has a vision to position Turkiye as an alternative Manufacturing and Export Hub, partially replacing China due to the decoupling taking place due to geopolitical developments. Turkey is potentially an export partner to the US due to the long-standing strategic relationship between the two countries and their common goals, objectives, interests, and values, being essential members of NATO.

US institutional Capital market players will focus on investments in frontier markets to replace Chinese exports, and Turkey is in an advantageous position to seize this opportunity. Turkiye and USA have got their bilateral geopolitical challenges as well. However, the principals of TAP have a good understanding of the issues and are firm believers in ` Good Business brings Good Diplomacy.`

Low cost of Manufacturing and Labour, skilled and bilingual workforce, well-established Ecosystem, and deeply rooted experience in Construction and Manufacturing Industries, coupled with the global market experience of Turkish companies, proposes an excellent opportunity for USA importers and businesses to increase their business activities with Turkiye.

To summarize, the business framework of the Turkish-American Platform 

  1. Facilitating exports of Turkish Manufacturers to USA markets.
  2. Facilitating the financing of these exports to the US with proprietary financing techniques
  3. Facilitate the export of goods and services that match the expectations, quality standards, and practices of US buyers
  4. Facilitating the entry of Turkish Brands to the US Market
  5. Facilitating Manufacturing Industry support services such as machinery installation and commissioning, turn-key plant setup as well as Online support services